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Call 01 or enquire below. How to complete your Form 11 Once you have the information required you have the option of completing a Paper form 11 and posting to Revenue Commissioners or completing and filing your Form 11 electronically through ROS Revenue Online System. To file electronically, you will need to register for ROS through revenue. Once registered you can view your tax history and other personal information that Revenue Commissioners have on their records.

Revenue Form 11: The Ultimate Guide to Filing Your Tax Returns

You can also make payments for outstanding liabilities through the system. You are not required to provide supporting documentation unless specifically requested by Revenue Commissioners. Once you have filed your tax return, you will receive a notice of assessment NOA from the Revenue Commissioners outlining the tax payable or repayable for the year. The NOA will also show a breakdown of your income and tax credits allowable and a calculation of the tax liability.

This process will generally take a couple of days if completed online. It may take longer if submitted by post. It can also take longer to process if you submit close to the 31st October deadline. Revenue Commissioners can request additional supporting documentation.

You are required to keep such documentation and records for six years. You may at any point be subject to a Revenue Inquiry or Revenue Audit at which time you are advised to seek advice from a professional. You should ensure that your adviser is a qualified accountant Chartered Tax Adviser. Alternatively, you can send a cheque or bank draft directly to Revenue Commissioners, with details of taxes to be paid and your PPS number. If you are in a refund position, Revenue will send you a cheque or refund the amount into your bank account.

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If you have satisfied the Preliminary Tax obligations for the previous year, then the balance of your tax liability is due on 31st October or the extended filing date. YouTube may set cookies directly according to YouTube's own cookies policy.

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The information on this page refers to your current obligations. From , there is no longer an end of year return. Each month stands on its own merits, so January is no different from June, which in turn is no different from December. You must ensure that you process the payroll correctly each time you pay your employees.

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  5. If you take no action, then the statement will automatically be deemed as your return by the 14 th of the following month. If you avail of the direct debit scheme, you must ensure that the cumulative monthly payments are sufficient to cover the annual liability. This works differently to the fixed direct debit scheme. Instead of requesting a fixed amount from your bank account each month, we will get permission to request the value of your monthly liability.

    For more information on the options available please see How to pay your tax to Revenue. Published: 21 February Please rate how useful this page was to you Print this page. It looks like you have JavaScript disabled. Certain parts of this website may not work without it. Please enable JavaScript for the best experience. Your choices on cookies This website uses cookies that are necessary to make the website work. Necessary Cookies and Preferences Cookies Necessary cookies are used so that the basic functions of this website work. Analytics cookies These cookies are used to help us understand how website visitors use this website.

    Save and close. Your choices on cookies This website uses cookies in order for our feedback functionality to work. However, the day time period for the reporting of information related to new reportable cross-border arrangements will now commence on 1 January For any reportable cross-border arrangements made between 1 July and 31 December , the day reporting period also commences on 1 January For reportable cross-border arrangements the first step of which was implemented in the "lookback reporting period" i.

    The new reporting deadline for periodic reporting of "marketable arrangements" is 30 April The day employer filing obligation is extended for a further 60 days. Revenue believes that this extension should provide sufficient time for employers to file the required return. If employees are required to work from home in Ireland, due to COVID, such days spent working at home in Ireland will not preclude an individual from being entitled to claim this relief, provided all other conditions of the relief are met.

    Summary of Irish Tax Measures Announced in Response to the Spread of COVID

    Due to the current restrictions on travel, Revenue will not "strictly" enforce the day notification requirement for PAYE dispensations applicable to short term business travellers from countries with which Ireland has a double taxation treaty who are going to spend in excess of 60 work days in Ireland in a tax year.

    Revenue will not seek to enforce Irish payroll obligations for foreign employers in "genuine" cases where an employee was working abroad for a foreign entity prior to COVID but relocates temporarily to Ireland during the COVID period and performs duties for his or her foreign employer while in Ireland. The tax position of employees working abroad for a foreign employer under an Irish contract of employment, where a PAYE exclusion order is in place, will not be adversely impacted if the employee works for more than 30 days in Ireland due to COVID Whether an individual is considered tax resident in Ireland in a particular tax year depends on the number of days or part of a day spent in Ireland in that tax year or preceding tax year.

    Revenue's existing position is that in circumstances where an individual is prevented from leaving Ireland on their intended day of departure due to "extraordinary natural occurrences" or an exceptional third party failure or action, none of which could reasonably have been foreseen and avoided, the individual will not be regarded as being present in Ireland for tax residence purposes for the day after the intended day of departure, provided the individual is unavoidably present in Ireland on that day due only to force majeure circumstances.

    Who needs to file income tax returns?

    Revenue has clarified that where a departure from Ireland is prevented due to COVID, Revenue will consider this force majeure for the purposes of establishing an individual's tax residence position. Revenue has updated its "e-Working and Tax" manual. As part of Budget , it was announced that e-workers will be able to claim income tax relief for the cost of broadband in their homes. An income tax return must be filed to avail of the relief.

    Where an individual is present in Ireland or in another jurisdiction and would otherwise have been present in Ireland and that presence is shown to result from travel restrictions related to COVID, Revenue will be prepared to disregard such presence in Ireland, for corporation tax purposes, for the company where the individual is an employee, director, service provider or agent. Revenue stresses that the individual and the company should maintain a record of the facts and circumstances of the "bona fide" relevant presence in Ireland, or outside Ireland, for production to Revenue if evidence of such presence is requested.

    As a temporary concession, Revenue will allow the application of the zero rate of VAT to the supply to the Health Service Executive, hospitals and other health care settings of personal protection and specified medical equipment for use in the treatment of patients with COVID Critical pharmaceutical products and medicines will be given a Customs "green routing" to facilitate uninterrupted importation and supply.

    This is a temporary measure and applies to claims submitted in respect of eligible VAT paid by charities in Alcohol products tax will not apply to alcohol used in the production of a range of medicinal and other products such as hand sanitisers. From 29 June , two rates of payment applied based on the amount earned by the individual from the previous employment. The amounts payable under the PUP were set to reduce over several stages.

    On the 15 September the scheme was extended to allow for new entrants until the end of The Credit Guarantee Amendment Act , which underpins the scheme and removes the previous portfolio cap, was commenced on 11th August This scheme is the largest credit guarantee scheme for businesses in Irish history. It is intended to ensure that SMEs, primary producers and small mid-cap companies can access liquidity to keep their businesses operating, as the economy continues to reopen.

    It is available for a wide range of products including overdrafts, term loans and working capital facilities. This temporary wage subsidy scheme TWSS applied to all employers from all sectors other than the public service and non-commercial semi-state sector whose business activities were being adversely impacted by the COVID pandemic. Application for the scheme was based on self-assessment principles and a qualifying employer must have declared that it was significantly negatively impacted by the COVID crisis.

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